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Welcome to the Online Community of
649 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College
New Member

Tara White
19 years old
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Todd Schryver

Port Orange, FL

"Although I have completed the college experience with a bachelors in Accounting, there was a definite lack of fulfillment for the ..."
Sam Brams

23 years old

"I have believed in the power and importance of self-directed learning for much of my schooling career. Even attending a great 4 ye..."

Anna Romano

Hammond, IN
20 years old

"I joined hoping to find new friends and people with similar interests to mine :) I am 17 and have been homeschooled my whole life..."
Morgan Connolly

Elk Grove, CA
20 years old

"This morning I got out of bed late and ate banana chips and almond butter for breakfast. 45 minutes later I was at the barn, on a ..."

Seth Hymes    Offering mentorship

Redondo Beach, California
37 years old

"I found this site through Uncollege.org. My background is in film production, news, massage therapy, and writing. I now work in th..."
Dove Elizabeth Williamson

Vancouver, WA
19 years old

"I joined ZTC because I love learning things and connecting with people. I am seventeen years old and have been unschooling for the..."
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