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Welcome to the Online Community of
619 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College
New Member

Julieann Figlioli
York Beach
19 years old
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Saad Bin Akhlaq    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship


"Electrical Engineer by degree but web developer by choice and passion. I love art and photography...."
Tanner Louen    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Clovis, CA
22 years old

"ZTC seems very interesting. Many people in here are just like me and that's what I like. I am always on the hunt to find new ways ..."

Alexandra Kamins    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Black Mountain, North Carolina
27 years old

"I joined ZTC because my life's goal is to empower people to flourish. Education has been a passion of mine ever since I set up a s..."
Michelle Diaz    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Delran, NJ

"I joined ZTC because I truly believe that a student will get the best from Self-Directed education. I homeschool my son - or rathe..."

Carly Muse    Seeking mentorship

Portland, OR
21 years old

"I am passionate about science, crafts, DIY, healthy food, love and art and body modification and self-growth. I am often found wri..."
Joby Morey    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Chicago, IL
32 years old

"I grew up unschooled. I've always wanted to learn about /everything/ which means that I'm really never bored... but I seldom get b..."
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