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Julian Walc


"Hey. I like an active lifestyle. I'm hugging a lot. I love skiing and diving...."
Ramping Herbal


"Cara menurunkan berat badan http://rampingherbal.com aman dan cepat secara alami mampu mewujudkan tubuh langsing dan ideal sehat d..."

Alexander Smith

Tarsza, Ba

"Greetings! My name is Eric and a decade ago I was hired in Kast Construction Inc...."
Jones Jones

Teraa, Ta

"Welcome! My name is Jack and 9 years ago I..."

Shiny Kamireddy


" Some of them are simply funny quotes you may share with your friends, but your mom could be insulted. So, happy reading and happy..."
Helen Jones

Tarasza, AM

"Hi! My name's Paul and a couple of years ago I was hired ..."

Helen Miller

Taba, BA

"Welcome! My name is Paul and 4 years ago I was employed in J & J Home Improvement Plumbing Service...."
Alexander Miller

Tacaa, BA

"Hi! My name's James and 8 years ago I was employed in Owner-Builder..."

Margaux Reifman     Seeking mentorship

Chicago , IL
17 years old

"Hi there! I joined ZTC because I am a high school senior debating whether or not I should go to college. I am currently auditionin..."
Krishna Swamy


"Share these sweet poems and quotes with your mom on "All that I am or ever hope to be,80 Mother's Day Quotes to Show Mom You ..."

Frank Anderson

Taraza, FA

"Welcome! My name's Martha and 5 years ago I was hired in Cortez Electric. ..."
Savannah Holmes    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Somewhere , XX

"Hi, I joined ZTC because I'm seeking to create a more innovated, diverse and intellectual environment for myself. I'm 16 years..."

Burcu Tepik Avcı    Seeking mentorship

27 years old

"I am a young person who is addicted to learning and constantly trying to learn and improve oneself. I graduated from Fisheries T..."
Ethan Jones

Tarza, TA

"Hello! My name's Martha and 2 years ago I was hired in Owner-Builder. ..."

Deepak Chauhan


"Deepak is responsible for marketing and positioning of “mycloud” platform and is a veteran in the hotel software industry with..."
Kenton H    Seeking mentorship

Raleigh, NC
22 years old

"I joined ZTC to find a mentor/coach I am 23 years old and currently taking classes at a nearby community college I am interested..."

Bogdan Witkowski


"Produttore polacco di caldaie C.O. e anelli di carbonio. Abbiamo anni di esperienza in questo settore. Abbiamo una vasta offerta. ..."
Amanda Banks    Seeking mentorship

Waco, TX

"I love learning and while in community college, because of the schedule I kept which was about 2 classes a semester, because of an..."

Olivia Sullivan

Baca, TA

"Hello! My name's Tony and 4 years ago I was employed in Owner-Builder. ..."
Janina Malinowska


"Hi everyone. I live in Albania, but I was born in Poland. I studied finance, but I do not work in the profession. I have my own cl..."

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