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Sauri Suru    Seeking mentorship

42 years old

"Fun Blogger. New To blogging World. Enjoying..."
Syed Amir    Seeking mentorship

Toronto, On
25 years old

"Hello Everyone !! I joined this website for connecting with like minded people ..."

Rachel Bredeweg    Seeking mentorship

Hudsonville, MI
18 years old

"I'm currently a freshman in college but disappointed in learning style and looking for something that allows me to gain real world..."
Nani Babu

Raybag, NJ
31 years old

" It was in early 90s when we were very much enthusiast and fascinated to enjoy favourite Television shows on big CRT screen, but ..."

poitier stringer    Seeking mentorship

Stockton, CA
19 years old

"Today's school system is flooded with individuals who are taught to place greater value on a piece of paper, than what that paper ..."
Juan D Montalban    Seeking mentorship

Douglas, GA
17 years old

"I decided to join Zero Tuition College because I don't plan on going to college like everyone else, but to start an affordable hom..."

Trent Ashworth    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Worcester, MA
23 years old

"I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in December of 2015, and I am searching for additional ways to continue learnin..."
Breanna Lynn    Seeking mentorship

Dallas, TX
21 years old

"Hello my name is Breanna, I joined ZTC because I'm 21 years old and I know I want some sort of "Business degree" and ..."

Deja Hutcherson    Seeking mentorship

Atlanta, GA
20 years old

"I joined ZTC because like everyone else on this site, I wanted to take 100 percent of my time on earth and devote it to being me...."
Katie Adams    Seeking mentorship

Twin Cities, MN

"Creativity. Growth. Innovation. Entrepreneurship. This is what I believe education should emphasize and foster. And it is also..."

Veronica    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Okemos, MI
18 years old

"My page refreshed...so you'll have to get the boring version of my bio: Why did you join ZTC? Because I thought it might be fun..."


"It is safe to say that you are hoping to download the best application that gives you a chance to download your coveted recordings..."

James Smith


"James has worked in the visa industry for over 7 years, and through this time has developed extensive knowledge of the workings of..."
Richard Glass


"Richard has a wide range of skills within the telephone answering service industry. From dealing with the technical setup of syste..."

Stephen Holmes


"If you are looking to undertake any type of British passport activity then Stephen will ensure that you are prepared and provided ..."


" rolled out this excellent racing game for all the Android and iOS platforms initially and later the game was also made available ..."

Daniel Phelan    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Cary, NC
22 years old

"With the goal of becoming a freelance writer, I hope to find some useful methods on here. I am enrolled in - nay, forced to attend..."
Danny Phelan    Seeking mentorship

Greensboro, NC
22 years old

"Hello! My name is Daniel Phelan ("Danny" if you like, but I'm not too strict...just note that my first name is not "Mister"), I am..."

Jessy Karla    Seeking mentorship

15 years old

"I dropped out of High School in 2012 and I haven't been back since. i don't wish to go back so things like this are the perfect so..."
Mischa Colley

28 years old

"Hi, I’m Mischa Colley. I am a Front-End Web Developer with a passion for the Creative Arts and the pursuit of Social Justice. I ..."

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