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Amanda Banks    Seeking mentorship

Austin, TX

"I love learning and while in community college, because of the schedule I kept which was about 2 classes a semester, because of an..."
Olivia Sullivan

Baca, TA

"Hello! My name's Tony and 4 years ago I was employed in Owner-Builder. ..."

Janina Malinowska


"Hi everyone. I live in Albania, but I was born in Poland. I studied finance, but I do not work in the profession. I have my own cl..."
Margaux Reifman     Seeking mentorship

Chicago , IL
17 years old

"Hi there! I joined ZTC because I am a high school senior debating whether or not I should go to college. I am currently auditionin..."

Mariusz Kowal


"Witam wszystkich. Jestem z Tomic. Uwielbiam łowić ryby i grać w koszykówkę...."
Marek Nowak


"I am from Poland, but I think to move to Germany. I am a distributor of solid fuels. I study in the evening...."

Robin Hutchison    Offering mentorship

Des Moines, IA
50 years old

"I'm an avid life-long learner and a proud homeschooling Mom. I have over 140 college credits. I was prior military and moved q..."
Joseph Brown

Caracas, CA

"Welcome my fellows! My name's Joe and I live in Portland. My apartment is at 1829 Ne Alberta St Suite 5, 97211. I work for Rising ..."

Margaret Daniels

Baraca, CO

"Hello my friends!..."
Edward Etheridge


"I am Danny and I'm from Tigard. ..."

Alexander Harris

Meraza, TA

"Good day everybody! I am Jane and I'm from Toledo. My flat is at 181 Neal Loop, 97391. I was employed by Firstco Marine, Llc - a c..."
Jackson Elizabeth

Taraz, TA

"Welcome my friends! I'm Chris and I live in Newberg. My flat is at 2117 Portland Rd, 97132. ..."

Daniel Phelan    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Cary, NC
22 years old

"With the goal of becoming a freelance writer, I hope to find some useful methods on here. I am enrolled in - nay, forced to attend..."
Danny Phelan    Seeking mentorship

Greensboro, NC
22 years old

"Hello! My name is Daniel Phelan ("Danny" if you like, but I'm not too strict...just note that my first name is not "Mister"), I am..."

Michael Zoya

New York, NY

"If you plan to buy a power bank make sure to take the following points into account. Generally, power banks are made of Lithium..."
Alexander Kelly

Tarza, TZ

"Hello my fellows! My name is Joe and I live in Portland. My home is at C/o The Management Trust, 97224...."

Meekins Charles

Torpos, MT

"Hello my fellows! My name's Angus and I'm from Grants Pass. ..."
Griffin House    Seeking mentorship

Big Sky, MT
20 years old

"I joined ZTC because I've found that my current college education is unfulfilling, inapplicable, and too expensive. I plan on fini..."

Viktor Saric

Belgrade, FL

"Organizujte prevoz I nosenje namestaja Kako se ne biste povredili, izmorili I namucili pri nosenju teskih predmeta jer na kraju k..."
Aubry Ledbetter Gabbard    Offering mentorship

Portland, OR

"lifehacker, accessibility advocate, peer coach, independent information professional, library nerd, writer, zinester-in-progress ..."

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