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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zero Tuition College (ZTC)?

Zero Tuition College is three things:

A few things that we aren't: a brick-and-mortar college, a "free college for everyone" movement, or a business.


How Can I Use This Site?

You can use ZTCollege.com to:

Educate yourself

Learn about your options in higher education. Read the book and browse resources for self-directed learners.

Build community

Explore our member directory and register to become a member yourself. Seek mentorship, offer mentorship, or simply find and connect with people in your neck of the woods.

Participate in projects

Join our projects related to higher education.


How Do I Connect With Other Members?

ZTC emphasizes real-world, one-on-one connection. Use the Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail links on a member's profile to get in touch. (You must have your own profile and be logged in to send a direct e-mail.)

When you connect with a member, we recommend starting your message with "Hello, I found you on ZTC."

ZTC administrators do not monitor or record any communications between ZTC members. Please notify us of any unwanted or harassing messages.


Why Isn't My Profile Displayed?

For your profile to appear on the Explore page, you need to enter a name, country, geographic region, specific location, quick bio, and entry for "Biggest Current Interests & Projects."


How Does Mentorship Work?

We believe that mentorship is a vital ingredient for effective self-directed learning, and it's difficult to find mentors who understand unschooling, DIY learning, and entrepreneurism. That's why we created the ZTC member directory: so self-directed learners can find each other, connect, and build relationships.

How you create your mentoring relationship is up to you. (ZTC doesn't facilitate or monitor communications between its members.) We recommend that, if you're seeking mentorship, you begin by getting clear about what you're seeking. Are you looking for advice on how to do something specific? "Life coaching" for figuring out your next step? Perhaps you just want to hear someone's story?

Browse the member directory and find a few members whose interests, projects, and experiences match your needs. Send each person a quick introductory message explaining who you are, why you're writing, and what you're seeking. Then start an e-mail relationship with the members who seem like the best fit. If all goes well, consider moving into telephone, Skype, or in-person conversations.

In a more formal mentoring situation, consider paying your mentor an hourly fee via PayPal. But if you don't have the money, don't worry; many ZTC members will give you their time for free.


Who's Running This Ship?

Learn more about the team behind ZTC here.


What Does the ZTC Seal Say?

The ZTC Seal

"Learn as if you were to live forever; live as if you were to die tomorrow."

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