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Phoebe Downs     age 21
Why I'm Here:
- to find a mentor or coach (please contact me!)
- to offer mentorship or coaching to other members
- to connect with other self-directed learners in my area

My Biggest Current Interests & Projects:
- Education/Learning, Animal behaviour, Horse Riding, Positive reinforcement dog training, English literature , Sociology/Psychology , Film, Creativity, Baking, Biology

Very quick Bio-

I joined ZTC as it's a concept I really believe in and something I want to share with others. I dropped out of school at 13 not having some huge impressive plan but just wanting to get out of the place - I've been gaining confidence and a whole load of other stuff since then and I'm very happy to report it was one of the best desicions I have ever made.

I'm interested in a lot of stuff, too much to even consider writing down. But at the moment I'm interested in photography, education and learning, dog behaviour and positive reinforcement training (currently doing volunteer work)and english literature to name a few. I've taken my GCSE's this past summer (got to play the game a little) and have finished "official" studying, although I do plan to get some other qualifications at some point in the future.

At the current moment I'm on a bit of down time just working on my interests, which includes writing and creating various things, occasionally some work on hitrecord when I'm feeling brave enough, spending a lot of time at the cinema and reading and learning about film, and training dogs (including my own nutty one). I've just applied for some jobs locally so hopefully something will happen there and I can earn a little money to help me on my way.

Who knows where I'll go from there :)

Oh...I also bake cakes, lots of cakes!! I've learnt to knit recently as well so I'm frantically knitting everyone I know a christmas present :)

Would love to talk or discuss anything so feel free to contact me... looking for some help in creative writing as well!
Phoebe x

p.s. Writing bio's make me cringe

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