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  Foreign Language
  Cultural and ethnic studies

Alison L.
My Biggest Current Interests & Projects:
- Spanish, French, Sustainable Living, Gardening, Dance, Music, Gender/Human Sexuality, Psychology, Self-Realization, Eastern Thought, Herbalism, Cooking/Baking

Hey! I'm Alison, and I am very excited to have found a community of people that support and value directing your own education, which is something I've been doing on my own for some time now. It can be difficult at times to pursue this lifestyle when it seems no one around you understands it or is doing something similar.
I went to public school through 3rd grade, and since then I have been a self-directed learner. I was raised in a very spiritually aware setting, surrounded by books and conversations of eastern and mystic thought and philosophy. Out of this grew the core focus of my life which is on the inner journey and truth realization.
My education has been more of an integrative approach, no longer making the distinction between life and learning, but seeing it as one organic whole. Using every experience in your life as a way to learn more about yourself, other people, and the world around you.
I really enjoy learning languages. I love music and the amazing ways it can stir things up inside you, and I enjoy playing a little guitar and singing. I have an interest in bio-dynamic and permaculture styles of farming, and I have done some WWOOFing on CSA farms. I love spending time in the mountains, cooking & baking... and of course much more.
I never quite know the next step until I'm taking it, but I suppose I would like to bring more focus and structure to the assignments I'm working on, and live life day by day.

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