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  Southeast US


  Community/junior college

  Foreign Language
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Hailey Hall     age 23
Why I'm Here:
- to find a mentor or coach (please contact me!)

My Biggest Current Interests & Projects:
- German Cultural Studies, writing. extensive travel

Three years ago I discovered an alternative to my routine drudgery through school when I visited some distant family in New England the summer before freshman year. I am lucky enough to have quite an eclectic collection of people in my extended family and have learned a lot from many different perspectives. That summer my second cousin, a professor of east asian studies at Brown, instilled in me an idea; what about foreign exchange? After purchasing Maya Frost's book "The New Global Student" at a Dartmouth bookstore I soon had an argument to bring back to rural northeast florida with me. Back home, my parents were quickly convinced that this was certainly for me, and by January I had been accepted for the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship to Germany. I was gone for a year, and in that time met so many people from all walks of life. I returned with a new outlook on life; do what you want to do. Take life by the horns, so to say. Set goals, and reach them.
Lately I've been feeling swamped down by all of this college business. Im not graduated from highschool, but registered as a homeschooled student and taking advantage of free dual enrollment classes at the local community college. I am also working for a family friend. My father and I have a two year plan, and up until when I found Blake's book and blog was resigned to go along with this plan, interrupted only by my occasional back packing trips whenever possible. But a series of what can only be described as fortuitous events have led me here, and also have put me in the position of being offered a paying summer internship in Bavaria, Germany with a Euroean castles tour company, WITHOUT a college degree.
Im incredibly excited about starting this journey with ZTC. I have a gut feeling that this is exactly the thing for me, and instead of doing the socially ecceptable thing and floating down college avenue, than reliable job alley, and maybe happy family boulevard, I plan on hiking, jumping, flying, kayaking, backpackiing, hitchhiking, and rock climbing my way through accomplishing MY dreams and attacking MY passions.

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