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  Breckenridge, CO

  Rocky Mountains US

  High school

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  Social work
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  Business and entrepreneurship

Amir Foy     age 24
Why I'm Here:
- to find a mentor or coach (please contact me!)
- to offer mentorship or coaching to other members
- to connect with other self-directed learners in my area

My Biggest Current Interests & Projects:
- Sustainability, social entrepreneurship, traveling, action sports, the outdoors, and ecotourism. My next project is saving money to travel somewhere in the world and create a difference while doing so.

I joined ZTC to find others like me and also to find a mentorship. I would like to network with others to achieve my self directed learning goals. Having a partnership with another ZTC member would be great, were we would email each other our progress (contact me if you are interested). I am also interested in finding a mentor in the field of sustainability as well as entrepreneurship.

In high school I was mostly there just because I had to be. On my senior year I never went to the high school and all of my fellow classmates thought I droped out. Though, instead of taking classes at my high school I took classes at my community college, worked 30 hours a week and went skiing almost every day. By the end of my senior year, I was I year ahead of my classmates, saved enough money to go travel for 5 months and made the most out of my valuable time.

Currently I am at my local community college. I am finishing two bachelor degrees in Business, and a second in Sustainable Studies and I have about one year to go. The bachelor programs that I am attending are new to the Community college. Luckily it is very cheap to attend, about $10,000 for two degrees. The two areas I am studying are meaningful to me and most the of teachers are progressive in the students education. If it were not for this school I would probably not go to college.

My interest include anything that involves the outdoors. This summer I got done bike packing the whole Colorado trail. The trip was 500+ miles, 14 days of camping on the trail, and I did it solo. I am also a freestyle skier, as I live in one of the best ski resorts in the world. Other activities that I love are kayaking, long boarding, back packing, writing poetry, soccer, filming, and traveling. Last year I backpacked traveled for 5 months in south east Asia. I visited Indonesia, Singapore, Maylasia and Nepal. From this experience I felt like I have learned more from traveling than I have in school.

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