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  Clovis, CA


  High school

  Some 4-year college

  Business and entrepreneurship
  Computer sciences


Tanner Louen     age 24
Why I'm Here:
- to find a mentor or coach (please contact me!)
- to offer mentorship or coaching to other members
- to connect with other self-directed learners in my area

My Biggest Current Interests & Projects:
- Helping others, meeting new people, sharing ideas, goals, and thoughts, and achieving all of my own personal goals in the process.

ZTC seems very interesting. Many people in here are just like me and that's what I like. I am always on the hunt to find new ways to be succesful in life. Lets face it, your teacher or professor who is makig 50k-200k a year, generally can't teach you how to make a million dollars. The way to achieve a goal of a million dollars or more, your going to have to study success and listen to someone who is already doing it! School is just theory, and doesn't always teach you what experiances will teach you. ALL my knowledge is from a computer alone, not school. This is why I hate school, but love education, because education is key whether it be any field of work you plan to pursue.

I am 20 years old, living and goto school here at Fresno State University, California. I am on the Fresno State Ski and Snowboard comp. team, leaving snowboarding to be one of my favorite things in the world! I pursue school because it is so commonly expressed as "needed", but that isn't always true. Why only connect with people domestically, when you have the world to work with. It's not about the American dream anymore, the economy is horrible and the job markets are not there, It's instead about the Global dream.

My interests involve helping others see what I see, achieving all of my personal goals, networking and meeting new people, and to financially better myself and those around me. It has always been the best of my heart to help others.

I am headed in the direction of success, merely because I choose too. Anyone can do so if they choose too. Hopefully some day soon I can change the lives of many.

I have a strong interest in meeting new people, I love networking, love traveling, and love the outdoors. I also have huge interests in starting my own business, growing agriculture, and helping others become succesful. I am always open to share with anyone and everyone with things that have been working for me in my life right now, that doesn't relate to school. On top of that, mentoring in business startups would always put more food on the table!

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