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ZTC Projects are proposed and managed by individual authors. If you'd like to learn more about a project or get involved, contact the project author directly. To submit a project proposal, please write to learn@ztcollege.com.

The Trailblazer Gathering - A Project by Blake Boles

Trailblazer is a 5-day gathering for college-aged self-directed learners. The first event is happening June 10-15 in Asheville, NC. Learn more at trailblazergathering.com.

Honorary Degrees - A Project by Dev Carey

Our journey, at Zero Tuition College, is to facilitate and validate the learning that happens outside of traditional classrooms. Honorary degrees are a big step forward.

ZTC will award Honorary Degrees to role model autodidactics who have demonstrated their skills, experience and character in an online portfolio to a level that leaves little doubt that they are contributing members of their communities with a strong education surpassing that traditionally received from four years in college.

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Grown Unschooler Opportunity Network - A Project by Blake Boles

This is a network for people to offer opportunities (work, volunteer, or otherwise) to grown unschoolers, age 18 to twenty-something.

View the network here.

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