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Welcome to the Online Community of
871 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College
New Member

Lidalize Grobler
28 years old
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Christine Shuck    Offering mentorship

Belton, MO
47 years old

"I am a writer, community educator, business owner, avid gardener, and homeschool mom. I have two girls - born 18 years apart - and..."
Maurice Price    Seeking mentorship

Houston, TX
32 years old

"I'm a life-long seeker of self knowledge looking to link up with like-minded people. Originally from the Great Lakes region, I rec..."

Mischa Colley

29 years old

"Hi, I’m Mischa Colley. I am a Front-End Web Developer with a passion for the Creative Arts and the pursuit of Social Justice. I ..."
Erin Whitworth    Offering mentorship

Redwood City, California
32 years old

"I've been an unschooler for my entire life, along with my two sisters. I was born and grew up in Dallas, Texas, and moved to the b..."

Chris Jaure    Offering mentorship

Green Bay, WI
32 years old

"I'm a web developer and fully support unschooling. Following John Taylor Gatto's lead, I've created http://bartlebyproject.com to ..."
Jeff Brown    Seeking mentorship

Centreville, VA

"I joined ZTC to participate and connect with other self-directed learners and to ultimately find a mentor in education technology ..."
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