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Welcome to the Online Community of
666 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College
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Tam Pham
San Jose
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Harlan Underhill    Offering mentorship

Ann Arbor, MI
79 years old

"I am a long-time admirer of the Sudbury experiment. I am a retired English teacher, educated the "old" way, and learning just no..."
Eric Larkin    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

New York, NY
32 years old

"I joined ZTC for a few reasons: First, I believe in the power of alternative education. Second, because I work in the Adve..."

Adi Sabnis    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

22 years old

"Hi. My name is Adi. I joined ZTC because I want to de-school myself. In India engineering is an undergraduate degree program , ..."
Jenna Boettger Boring


"I am a lover of life. I began unschooling myself while looking into different options of education we have for our kids. I have ..."

Julieann Figlioli    Seeking mentorship

York Beach, ME
20 years old

"I joined ZTC because my father has managed to continuously tell me how big of a failure i am for not continuing my college educati..."
Maggie Lesoing    Offering mentorship

Friday Harbor, Washington
54 years old

"We are a family of self directed, democratic learners and unschoolers, movie watchers, gamers, and readers of books. My husband a..."
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