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Welcome to the Online Community of
678 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College
New Member

Tam Pham
San Jose
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Vanessa Klink    Seeking mentorship

Orange County, CA
23 years old

"I'm a passionate individual who highly believes that each person has immense strength and potential. I want to be a healer, a teac..."
Amber Brown    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Louisville, KY
28 years old

"I am joining because I am extremely interested in meeting others whom are teaching themselves (especially people who use the inter..."

Barbara Hauri

Plymouth, NH
32 years old

"I am enamored with autodidactic learning. While floating around the Web one day I landed on ZTC. It seems like a wonderful concept..."
Amy Carpenter Leugs    Offering mentorship

Grand Rapids, Michigan
48 years old

"I'm an unschooling mom with a few unschooling talks and articles under my belt -- I have been studying how people really learn for..."

Amanda Carter

Seattle, WA
29 years old

"I am joining ZTC to learn! Duh! No really. I am here for three reasons: 1) I really want to continue my education, in many dire..."
Arbie Jeke Campuspos    Seeking mentorship

San Francisco, California
26 years old

"I have a passion for physics/engineering and interacting with other individuals. Currently taking a break from the university and..."
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